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My goal is to help you make sourdough successfully and creatively at home. With this subscription, you receive some of my starter CiCi, creative weekly content that responds your interests, and dynamic responses to your questions about baking sourdough that works with your life.

1st month: $10 for weekly Digests and CiCi
every other month: $5 for weekly Digests

The Digest is a paid subscription because it takes a passionate effort and a lot of creative juice, which are my most valued assets. To keep costs low, I accept payment via Venmo and request recurring payments each month to your account. This system may change if I need to scale up (woot woot!).

Upon receipt of your subscription and Venmo payment, I'll mail CiCi your way :)

I promise to use your info only for the purposes of sending you starter, emailing your Digest, and requesting monthly payment. I value your interest and your privacy. I am supporting myself by supporting others.

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